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Business FX: 3 Question to Answer Before Sending Money Overseas

20th February 2020
Read our three questions you need to answer to get ahead in the world of corporate Forex.

Coronavirus Causing Growth Concerns, Whilst UK Data Comes Into Focus

17th February 2020
With a data heavy week ahead for Sterling, can GBP hold onto its increase in value? Read our weekly report for upcoming events for the GBP, EUR and USD.

GBP to USD Rate Slumps to Fresh 2020 Lows

10th February 2020
Will the USD continue to gain in value against other major currencies? Read our weekly report for upcoming events for the GBP, EUR and USD.

US Dollar Bullish After Positive Manufacturing Data

7th February 2020
The US Dollar continues its strong run against other major currencies as positive manufacturing and employment data cause rise in USD value.

European Mifid II Changes Could Create Tough Financial Regulations for the UK

6th February 2020
The European Union announced it will be reviewing potential changes to Mifid II regulations, which could potentially weaken London's financial sector.

Sterling Recovers from 6-Week Low Against the US Dollar

5th February 2020
The pound managed to bounce back from its recent losses against other major currencies during yesterday's trading session.

Sterling Endures Worst Trading Day in 7 Weeks

4th February 2020
Yesterday, the pound lost the gains it made last week as PM Boris Johnson outlined his trade plans with the EU.

FX Budgeting: Costed vs budget rate

3rd February 2020
Understand the difference between budget rate and costed rate in foreign exchange forecasting.

Sterling Rises in Value Against Major Currencies as the Bank of England Holds Interest Rates

31st January 2020
We saw Sterling push higher yesterday as the Bank of England interest rate decision came to light.
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